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Catullus Pale from The Mosaic Collection.

Cumulae Caractacus from The Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection at ABC Carpet & Home

New York designers celebrated the launch of The Mosaic Collection at ABC Carpet & Home.


In the press

The design press turn their eye to The Mosaic Collection

Here's a review of recent press coverage. The design press turn their eye to The Mosaic Collection.


The Claudius rug from The Mosaic Collection

Art al fresco

Everyone can feast on Italy's al fresco banquet for the soul

Everyone can feast on Italy's al fresco banquet for the soul

Art is everywhere in Italy, including - in the case of some astonishing masterpieces - in the open air. David Eskerjian digs into a rich visual feast.


The Mosaic Collection featured in this month's Elle Deco

Perdida from The Ozymandias collection

Soft tones and soft fabrics. Image: @markalexander_ma

Blue Ikat 16 from The Ikat Collection

July issue of Homes & Gardens featuring the San Marco rug

Behind the scenes at Luke Irwin lifestyle shoot in the US

'The 16 hotel rooms and suites at The Arts Club are undoubtedly some of the most handsome in the city… their finish is impeccable.’ @TelegraphLuxury have selected their favourite pick of private members’ clubs in London with rooms. This room features a Luke Irwin rug.

The Deverill Roman Villa featured in The Telegraph 'Living' this weekend.

Bowled over by the Bugattis

The Bugatti Family

Nicholas Foulkes rejoices in the incomparable genius of the Bugatti family - furniture by Carlo, sculpture by Rembrandt and cars by Ettore. Can't somebody bottle the DNA? First published in Luke Irwin's Tarantella book.

There is nothing I don't love about The Mosaic Collection ”

– Heather Jenkinson @heatherdesign

Jenny Halpern and Trinny Woodall

The Mosaic Collection launch party

Friends old and new gathered to celebrate

An evening of cocktails to mark the launch of Luke Irwin's new collection. This 18 piece collection is inspired by The Deverill Villa the archaeological site discovered under Luke's Wiltshire home.


Kate Reardon, Editor of Tatler, and Annabel Elliot

I have taken an idea from a time gone by but made the design relevant to today ”

– Luke Irwin

Melinda Stevens, Editor of Conde Nast Traveller

Cocktail’s to celebrate

Last night the Pimlico Road showroom played host to the friends of Luke Irwin.

A celebration of the new rug collection inspired by the tale of The Deverill Villa.


How The Deverill Villa discovery inspired the Luke Irwin Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection: The Tale of the Deverill Roman Villa

Everyone dreams of finding treasure at the bottom of their garden…

In February 2015, while laying electricity cables so that his children could play ping pong in an old barn, rug designer Luke Irwin struck a cold, flat surface. There, about 18 inches beneath the muddy topsoil of his Wiltshire farmhouse, lay an untouched Roman mosaic unseen for 1,500 years


Roman Graffiti

Rude Romans - Latin as she was written in graffiti

Harry Mount hears the authentic voices of ordinary people in the Ancient world, speaking through the graffiti that they left on the walls of taverns, brothels and private houses. They could be obscene, poetic - and grammatically incorrect. First published within Luke Irwin's 'Tarantella' book.

The result [of the villa discovery] is a series of gorgeous rugs that update the cold, tiled Roman floors and transform them into plush, inviting floor coverings.  ”

– Forbes

The Mosaic Collection is now available at our Pimlico Road showroom

A glamorously timeworn rug collection and intriguing collection connected with the history of England ”

– Lucia van der Post, FT How To Spend It

The Luke Irwin Mosaic Collection achieves true engagement with the richness of British history while being an example of stunning contemporary design. It represents the marrying of cultural, philosophical, historical and design influences to make something alive again but for our own time, not a replica of a time gone by. This collection brilliantly demonstrates the strength of the British creative industries today; known for their world class innovation. I look forward to more being discovered at The Deverill Villa as the site is of considerable interest ”

– Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture, Media and Sport

The Deverill rug from The Mosaic Collection

Artist's impression of The Deverill Villa: Animation

The Mosaic Collection: Luke Irwin interview

"There’s a feeling of responsibility, of taking this good fortune and making a derivation of it, making the historical relevant to your time."

Since the discovery of a Roman mosaic in the garden of his Wiltshire home, rug designer Luke Irwin has been on something of an extraordinary journey. The mosaic revealed the location of what is now known as the Deverill Villa, and for Irwin – a designer whose inspiration has always been found in the


Vespasian from The Mosaic Collection

This remarkable Roman villa with its baths and mosaics uncovered by chance is a large, important and very exciting discovery that reveals so much about the luxurious lifestyle of a rich Romano British family at the height of the empire. I am not a Roman expert but it is an amazing thought that so much has survived almost two millennia. ”

– Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore

The tesserae within the rugs are made from hand-woven silk around which are thin lines of wool. When you wash the rug in iron oxide, there’s a reaction to the wool that eats it back to the warp and the weft revealing a mosaic effect. ”

– Vikram Kapoor, Co-Creative Director

Mosaic pieces discovered

This site has not been touched since its collapse 1400 years ago and, as such, is of enormous importance. Without question, this is a hugely valuable site in terms of research, with incredible potential. ”

– Dr David Roberts Archaeologist Historic England (formerly English Heritage)

Cumulae Caractacus from
The Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection: Showcase

The new collection from Luke Irwin

Inspired by the villa discovery in his Wiltshire home Luke Irwin's Mosaic Collection is a modern interpretation on the luxury flooring of the ancients, mosaic.


Archaeologist Dr David Roberts describes the mosaic discovered at The Deverill Villa

Our Atlantis (Ozymandias Collection), perfect underfoot in a sitting room as seen @ameliacarterinteriors

Golden Apples

An ode to the humble tomato, by Matthew Fort

Matthew Fort, food and drink editor at The Guardian, kindly wrote this piece for the launch of Luke Irwin’s Tarantella collection. We reprint it here with his permission.


In praise of the Vespa

What’s not to love about those "petrol-powered centaurs"? Nick Foulkes takes a ride in the Southern Alps

This piece was written by Nick Foulkes for the Tarantella book that Luke Irwin published for the launch of his collection of the same name. What’s not to love about the Vespa? We reprint the essay here, as enamoured with these "petrol-powered centaurs" as we ever were.


Rugs drying in the warmth of the Indian sun

Our Pimlico Road showroom

Every rug should have a rhythm. The geometrics are the rhythm section. ”

– Luke Irwin

Bottles of dye that create an infinite spectrum of colour

That’s the thing about being European: you’re always surrounded by crumbling walls ”

– Luke Irwin

Bread & Calcio

Ideas can be triggered by almost anything, especially if there’s a link to football...

Luke Irwin wrote the following piece for a book produced to mark the launch of his Tarantella collection. As with all of Luke’s work, inspiration came from the intellectual world around him – in this case during a period spent in Italy. As you’ll see, ideas can be triggered by almost anything.

The things that interested me were always reading books and history. I was always very visually aware, though. We were brought up in this lovely big house in Ireland that eventually became a hotel. My parents were able to do up bits of it, but not all of it. There was this one room, the dining room, that had this magnificent Victorian flock burgundy wallpaper, and it was in some sort of damask. I remember looking at it, stroking it. ”

– Luke Irwin

Colour tufts ready for selection in our London showroom

Sunshine on the Pimlico Road