Whether you’re buying for your own house, for a client or for your business, we’re certain we can help you find what you need at Luke Irwin. Pay a trip to our London showroom or explore our website – this guide will give you an idea of how to take the next step.

We also hold an ‘off the shelf’ stock collection that is available with short lead times and pre-selected colourways.

For more information email shop@lukeirwin.com.


Your rug and you

Here at Luke Irwin, we understand how important it is to match the rug with its new owner. There has to be a connection, not only between you and your rug, but also in a very style-conscious way. So we like to get the right rug to you.

A world of design and colour

Luke Irwin rugs are highly sought after, known for their texture and style. While the existing collections are available in the showroom, we often modify them to suit individual tastes. The colour range is almost infinite, and the shape, size and designs - whether geometric or abstract - are many and varied. We'll help you choose, and send you a digital sketch within days, so that you feel really happy with your design before ordering.

Weaving magic

The weave you choose has an effect on the feel and the design of your rug. We weave in styles from at least three international regions.

Tibetan hand-knotted weaves are made in Nepal. Suitable for less detailed designs and luxurious to the touch.

Persian hand-knotted rugs are woven in India. The rugs have a thinner pile height and so lend themselves to more detailed intricate designs.

To create the appearance unique to The Mosaic Collection the tesserae are made from hand-spun silk around which are thin lines of wool. When the rugs are washed in iron oxide the wool breaks down to the warp and the weft revealing a mosaic effect.

Mongolian cashmere feels incredible to touch and this weave works beautifully in bedrooms.

Berber rugs are generally woven in wool with the option of either a thicker pile or a knocked back pile. Perfect for simple understated designs.

Oxidization, this treatment creates a tactile surface texture. The washing process and hand carving creates the divots and grooves becoming part of the creation of the piece.

Bespoke Composition

Wool, silk and cashmere determine both the look and feel of the rug. Selecting a unique composition with the help of one of our design consultants will result in creating the perfect rug.

In situ

If you're not sure what a Luke Irwin rug could do for your room, why not borrow one? We can deliver and lay one down for you to live with for a couple of days. All you need do is ask.


Once you've chosen your rug, a small sample will be made up and delivered to you before ordering. We expect this to take between four to six weeks.

Order times

We expect orders to be completed within five to eight months, depending on size, weave and design. If you need your rug sooner, ask about our premium service.


We will arrange all aspects of your rug delivery, from shipping to dealing with customs. Your rug will be delivered and laid down by one of our skilled staff.


We ask for 50% payment at the time of order and 50% prior to shipping. We welcome any questions you may have.

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